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Why HomeCrafter Inc?
From your first contact with Homecrafter, we provide a turn-key service from start to finish.

Whether your project is an insurance repair, handyman service call, a remodel, or a custom home, you will receive the same high level of service that we are known for.  

Construction, repair and remodeling of residential properties are our specialties.

We serve the State of NC. Our office is located in the City of Durham NC

We have been in business since 1990. Our highly experienced team will work with you on your project to  exceed your expectations!

​We invite you to contact us with any of your home remodeling needs, questions or concerns. We are here to serve you and provide you with the best building services possible.
We Are Experienced Residential Contractors, and have been in business for over 25 years!
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Based in Durham NC, Homecrafter Inc covers the Triangle and beyond! ​

We invite you to contact us with any of your home remodeling needs, questions or concerns.
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    Kitchen Remodeling
    From new Cabinets to a total makeover - we offer tiling, plumbing,electrical, lighting and all associated structural work
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    From planning, design and visualization through foundation, framing and roofing to final electrical, plumbing, and painting - we can complete your project on time and on budget
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    Historic Renovation
    Historic Renovation is an endeavor that seeks to preserve, conserve and protect buildings of historical significance - We have Skilled and Experienced builders with Historic Renovation expertise available
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    Bathroom Updates
    Lots of new Shower and bath options here! Let us install Heated Floors, Rain showers, Steam enclosures. and LED lighting. There are new flooring/tiling options also.

Examples of our Projects over the last 25 years! 

  1. Kitchen Remodel
    Kitchen Remodel
    Completed in 1984, this remodel included new granite counter tops, new flooring and new cabinets.
  2. Kitchen Remodel
    Kitchen Remodel
    Completed in 1995, this remodel included new flooring, Quartz counter tops, LED lighting and new cabinets.
  3. Updated Living Room
    Updated Living Room
    New Flooring and custom slide doors were featured in this renovation
  4. Home Extension
    Home Extension
    This Project expanded the property by 30% - and was designed to blend into the original House design
  5. Living Room Renovation
    Living Room Renovation
    New custom flooring with additional low-E windows to lighten up the room
  6. Custom Lighting
    Custom Lighting
    Industrial-designed lighting complete with open-wiring for a modern "Loft" look
  7. Garage Extension
    Garage Extension
    Adding an extra garage for 2 cars and a golf cart!
  8. Yard Upgrade
    Yard Upgrade
    Architectural Features blend into a new landscape design
  9. Built-In wine celler
    Built-In wine celler
    Custom-designed wine rack featuring curved wood and built-in lighting
  10. Kitchen Remodel
    Kitchen Remodel
    New Marble surfaces, built-in appliances and custom-designed cabinetry
  11. Living room update
    Living room update
    Custom re-purposed flooring and screened windows
  12. Outside Renovation
    Outside Renovation
    Multi-level patio with wrought Iron railing and built-in low voltage lighting
  13. New Patio
    New Patio
    Pressed concrete flooring with updated windows and outside lighting
  14. Custom Counter-top
    Custom Counter-top
    Natural Wood-topped Kitchen island with custom built-in storage
  15. Updated Staircase
    Updated Staircase
    New hardwood flooring and wrought Iron railing
  16. Arbor Rennovation
    Arbor Rennovation
    Custom-designed Arbor in weather-resistant material
  17. Bathroom Remodel
    Bathroom Remodel
    Custom Tiling, lighting and plumbing
  18. Custom bathroom
    Custom bathroom
    Fantastic new bathroom featuring a stand alone tub
  19. Bathroom Renovation
    Bathroom Renovation
    Granite counter-height tops and light fixtures
  20. Attic Remodel
    Attic Remodel
    New flooring and additional HVAC installation
  21. New Kitchen
    New Kitchen
    New Flooring, countertops and re-finished cabinetry